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Alana Aromas

Room Diffuser

Room Diffuser

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Using extreme care, unscrew the cap and remove the inner stopper. Rplace the silver cap back onto the diffuser and securely screw it in place. Gently submerge the reeds in the liquid, allowing them to absorb the oil. To release the delightful home fragrance, flip the reeds after absorption. It is recommended to wait 15 minutes before flipping the reeds for optimal results. Remember to be cautious when rotating your reeds to prevent oil from dripping or splashing on surfaces. If this does occur please take care in cleaning up spills ASAP. Your Diffuser should  avoid direct sunlight.

Handle the diffuser with care and always wash your hands afterwards.Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Note: reed diffuser oils are flammable and should not be ignited, even if the scent is gone and bottle is empty.

For an extra burst of fragrance, rotate the reed sticks on a regular basis. 


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