We often get some questions regarding how to use set products, inside every order you will receive our product card which entails all information about current stock and how to use/store. 

Most Common asked questions :

What’s the best way to store my soap sponge & how long should it last?

Soap sponges should be left to dry out after each use to preserve the remaining soap.
A soap tray or plastic tub is a great way to store your sponge.
Sponges should last between 4/6 weeks with daily use.

How do I use my vacuum discs? 

Place your vacuum disc in the filter of your vacuum, if unsure of where your filter is placed please check with manufacturer instruction.Use as normal. The aroma will fill your home whilst you hoover, stronger scented discs will leave a lasting impression around your home. 

What’s the difference between simmering salts & wax melts?

Both simmering salts and wax melts will fill your home with a beautiful aroma. 

Simmering salts are scented salt crystals which are easy to scoop in and out of your burner, making changing the scent easier than ever.

Wax melts are a solid block of wax, if your block is large break a chunk off and place in your burner. For easy cleaning we do offer wax liners. 

How much toilet mop sink fizzer should I use?

We recommend using 2 teaspoons of product to start with, adding more for a stronger scent throw.



All scent names are selected based on what the scent mirrors from its aromas. Some scents are stronger smelling than others due to underlying ingredients.