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Alana Aromas

Concentrated Surface Cleaner

Concentrated Surface Cleaner

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Surface Cleaner/ Disinfectant Our surface cleaner is a highly concentrated solution designed to effectively clean counter tops, windowsills, frames, doors, skirting boards, bins etc. Create a ready to use disinfectant or cleaning surface spray to tackle surfaces around your home. We recommend pre-cleaning any heavy soiling first then simply wet (your cloth), wring and wipe. Dilute 1 capful of your cleaner/ disinfectant concentrate to up to 400ml of water. Add more if you would like a stronger, longer lasting scent throw. The powerful solution is designed to quickly remove even the stubbornness of dirt and grime. Eliminates odours and fills your home with a long lasting fragrance bonus is your home will also be hygienic. Keep pets off all areas until dry, do not allow pets to lick or walk on wet treated areas.

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